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Responding to Natural Gas Emergencies

Fourth Edition

Michael Callan  

ISBN: 978-1-932235-20-3       $38.00   Print

ISBN: 978-1-932235-19-7       $38.00   e-Book

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Responding to Natural Gas Emergencies prepares all first responders with practical knowledge addressing awareness, regulations and standards, hazard and risk evaluation, and safe emergency response procedures for handling natural gas emergencies.

This book utilizes video instruction and textbook learning to broadly provide pipeline operations and tactical response options. 

Michael Callan and utility experts developed this program from countless case histories to eliminate unnecessary injuries resulting from natural gas incidents.


  • The student testing section provides self-guided interactive questions reinforcing each chapter’s learning objectives and the skills necessary to respond safely and effectively to a natural gas emergency.

  • Learners are presented with a series of questions that give instant feedback on their performance.

Responding to Natural Gas Emergencies is recommended by the Pipeline Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) for meeting and exceeding industry compliance of (API RP 1162) requirements.

Responding to Natural Gas Emergencies helps pipeline operators, community officials, and emergency responders to work together to prevent and effectively respond to a pipeline incident.

Bill Hand

Houston, TX Fire Department

"This book is long overdue filling the void of technical and street smart information to prepare fire and utility personnel with the proper knowledge, protection and mitigation information required when faced with a utility emergency. "


  1. Introduction

  2. Understanding Utility Natural Gas

  3. Utility Transmission and Distribution System

  4. Responding to Natural Gas Emergencies

  5. Appendix: RP 1162—Pipeline Awareness for Emergency

  6. Natural Gas Emergency Safety Checklist

  7. Glossary

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