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Responding to Electrical Emergencies


Emergency Responder's
Guide to Terrorism


Michael E Marks  

SKU 1-932235-00-0     $28.00

A first responder's field guide and classroom awareness-level training manual on the unique dangers associated with biochemical warfare agents, radiological dispersants, as well as more conventional incendiary, explosive and ballistic threats common in terrorism scenarios. The book takes extensive advantage of photo-realistic 3D imaging technologies to present information in a clear, vivid and very engaging manner.

Emphasis placed on mechanisms of injury (CREATIM model) and critical physics associated with terrorist events (such as shockwave rollover in cases of large explosions), as well as early detection clues that will help ERP quickly distinguish a planned disaster from one which occurred accidentally. The book presents specific coverage of unique threats relative to terrorist engagements (such as secondary devices and other booby traps designed to target
Emergency Response Personnel).


  1. Overview of Terrorism

  2. Types of Harm

  3. Explosive Weapons

  4. Chemical Weapons

  5. Biological Weapons

  6. Nuclear & Radiological Weapons

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