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Responding to Electrical Emergencies


First Responder Critical
Incident Guide


August Vernon  

SKU 193223523X     $25.00

First Responder Critical Incident Guide identifies key functions that are essential for first responders (Fire, EMS, Law Enforcement, Special Teams, Military, etc.) during the first 10–30 minutes of a “critical incident”. It addresses recognition, identification and response issues that first responders must deal with prior to the arrival of those with specialized training and equipment.


  1. Bottle Bombs

  2. Improvised Explosive Devices

  3. Vehicle Borne improvised Explosive Device (VBIED)

  4. Continued IED Threat / Attack

  5. Suspicious Powders / Substances Indicators and Response

  6. Clandestine Drug Labs

  7. Indoor Marijuana Grow Operations

  8. Civil Urest Planning and Response

  9. Mass Shooting / Active Shooter

  10. Fire/EMS Scene Safety at Scenes of Violence

  11. Suicide Bomber

  12. Bomb Threats

  13. Explosives Post-Blast Response

  14. Operations Security

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