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Chemical Card Guide

A. Mussorfiti, R. Coschignano, A. Valerioti, 
A. Bevelacqua, G. Rudner 

ISBN: 978-1-932235-10-4       $40.00   Print

ISBN: 978-1-932235-32-6       $40.00   e-Book

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This set of most commonly encountered chemical cards is designed for the first responder to access information quickly and concisely. It gives the response agency a platform to assist scene decision-making while enhancing pre-planning activities. It is a system for planning, practice, response, and recovery at an intentional or accidental hazardous materials event.

Each Chemical has its two-sided page for easy reference during pre-planning and emergency operations. Its format enables the responder to gather information according to their level of training.

The front of each page is designed for the basic operational-level responder. Information such as Initial Protective Actions, physical state of the product, common placards and markings, and reference to the DOT Emergency Response Guide is useful during the first minutes of any operation. The Chemical and Toxicological Properties section, with information on the back of each card, assists the technician with more defined roles and strategies. Each Chemical is designed for the responder at the operations, mission-specific, or technician level.

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