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Field Guide for Hazardous
Materials Response

Armando S. Bevelacqua and Richard H. Stilp   

9781932235128W     $45.00

Critical information that emergency responders must have at their fingertip in the first few minutes of an incident is here in a full color guide.


Whether the incident involves hazardous materials, a clandestine laboratory, terrorism or a confined space operation, this user-friendly resource includes information that is consistent with the mission of all agencies.


Information on NIMS, the movement to an international placard system, as well as coverage of bioterrorism materials keeps the guide current with the considerations facing emergency responders today. Flow charts verify critical procedure considerations that must be managed immediately, then set the stage for support response when an incident requires interagency cooperation.


This guidebook's easy access format allows rapid identification of placards, labels, silhouettes, and common commodities that move on roadways and railways. Medical considerations are described throughout the text, identifying potential needs of an affected community.


  1. Hazard Recognition

  2. Chemical Specific Information

  3. CBRNE

  4. Special Treatment Modalities

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