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Street Smart HazMat Response

A Common-Sense Approach to Handling
Hazardous Materials Emergencies

Michael Callan  

9780965656566w    $32.00

Presents a common sense approach to handling dangerous chemicals and is the application of response principles learned and developed from countless case histories. Street Smarts delivers practical, experienced-based training for the responder to successfully handle hazardous materials emergencies.


  • Easy to understand, practical applications to hazardous materials response

  • Scan sheets, photographs and charts throughout illustrating important concepts

  • Case histories reinforcing important lessons learned

  • Notes column for personal notetaking


  1. Hazardous Materials 101: "The Facts of Life"

  2. Street Smart Incident Command

  3. Haz Mat Size-Up: Street Smart Chemistry

  4. Am I Safe, Unsafe, or In Danger?

  5. Appendix: Emergency Planning—Six Elements to Success

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