Robert Coschignano

Mr. Coschignano has been in the fire service for 27 years most of which has been in Special Operations. Mr. Coschignano has served on several hazardous materials related committees. Mr. Coschignano is an instructor and evaluator for several local and state competency drills. He was the program manager for the Hazardous Materials Technician program at Valencia College. Mr. Coschignano is also DEA certified in Clandestine Labs. Mr Coschignano is Co-Author of Chemical Card Guide and Risk Based Response Quick Chemical Access Cards published by RedHat publications and has been featured in both Fire Engineering and Firehouse magazines. He is Co-host of The HazMat Guys Nation Roundtable. He also holds an A.S. degree in Fire Science and is currently a Hazardous Materials Lieutenant with the City of Orlando Fire Department.